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Wages and Overtime

One of the most crucial aspects of employment is making sure you receive adequate payment for the work you do. Unfortunately, in an effort to save money and increase their profits, some employers fail to compensate workers the full amount of legally mandated compensation to which they are entitled. Our employment lawyers at Connor & Morneau, LLP understand and appreciate how vital every dollar is to you and your family. We fight to ensure you are paid for all the hours you put in and the work that you have done.

Common Overtime And Wage Law Violations

The Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) and Massachusetts labor laws require employers to pay non-exempt employees 1 ½ times their regular hourly rate for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a workweek. However, in Massachusetts employers are not required to pay overtime after eight hours in a day.

Each case is different, but some common examples of wage and overtime violations include:

  • Misclassifying an employee as “exempt” from overtime laws
  • Failure to pay the “prevailing wage” rate as required by a government entity to an employee performing a particular type of work
  • Requiring an employee to perform work before or after a scheduled shift without compensating them for that time
  • Failure to compensate an employee for travel time between a central office and another location where work is performed
  • Automatically deducting time for breaks even if the employee does not take time off for lunch or breaks
  • Wrongly classifying an employee as an independent contractor to avoid paying a fair wage or overtime
  • Forcing servers and other wait staff to pool tips that are paid out to all employees, including managers
  • Failing to ensure that tipped employees make at least the minimum wage when combining tips and direct wages
  • Not paying additional compensation for overtime and Sunday work to commissioned sales employees
  • Late payment of wages for current and terminated employees

For more than 20 years, our Springfield employment attorneys have advocated for workers whose employers have violated federal, state, local laws governing the overtime, minimum wage, tips, misclassification, prevailing wages, exemptions, commissions, and other types of compensation.

Statutes Of Limitations For Overtime Wage Claims

Under Massachusetts law, a court may award unpaid overtime for a period of three years prior to the date that you officially file your claim. If you believe your rights as a worker have been violated under the FLSA or Massachusetts overtime law, it is critical to speak with an attorney as soon as possible.

Damages For Overtime And Wage Violations

Even if your employer unintentionally failed to pay you the amount you are legally owed, ignorance is no excuse for violating federal or local labor laws. Our employment lawyers can help you recover the overtime and wages you are owed, plus damages, if applicable. The Massachusetts Act to Clarify the Law Protecting Employee Compensation mandates triple damages in unpaid wage cases. In addition, a plaintiff may be able to recover court costs and attorney’s fees in certain wage and overtime cases. Sometimes these claims may be brought as a class action under federal or state law.

You Can Count On Our Experience And Tenacity

At Connor & Morneau, LLP, we are dedicated to getting results for our clients. Our employment lawyers have successfully helped thousands of workers in multiple states recover unpaid wages and overtime in both individual and class action claims. Wage and overtime laws are complex. Our attorneys have more than 90 years of combined legal experience in all aspects of employment law. Whether your employer is a large corporation or mom-and-pop business, we will not back down until we help you recover the wages, overtime, or any other compensation you are entitled to by law. We believe that no matter what type of job you do, you deserve to be valued and fairly compensated for your work.

Contact An Employment Attorney To Schedule A Consultation

If a current or former employer has failed to pay you or a loved one proper wages or overtime, our team at Connor & Morneau, LLP can help you understand your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve. We serve clients in Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin, Berkshire, and Worcester counties and throughout New England. To schedule a consultation with an employment attorney, contact us online or call our Springfield, Massachusetts office at 413-455-1730. We look forward to serving your legal needs.

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