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Consumer Law

False advertising, product safety, dishonest debt collection practices, and other consumer law issues can be tough to navigate. Our consumer attorneys at Connor & Morneau, LLP are dedicated to helping clients who have been wronged by unscrupulous businesses. We have extensive knowledge of state and federal laws that regulate consumer rights and protections. We fight aggressively to hold these companies accountable and make things right for our clients.


What Is Consumer Law?

Consumers who purchase goods or services from retailers, wholesalers, or manufacturers have a right to equitable protection under the law. The purpose of consumer law is to defend people from dishonest business practices and create a more level playing field for buyers in all types of markets.

Types Of Consumer Law Issues

Many consumers need legal assistance when they purchase a defective or dangerous product, fall prey to scams, are victims of identity theft, or experience discrimination in lending and credit practices. For example, lemon laws protect buyers if they purchase a vehicle without being informed of known defects. Some common issues that our consumer attorneys encounter include:

  • False or deceptive advertising
  • Unauthorized credit card charges
  • Unfair or illegal debt collection
  • Fraud and financial schemes
  • Hidden or illegal fees
  • Overcharging consumers for goods and services
  • Unwanted or illegal robocalls, telemarketing, and spam
  • Product safety issues
  • Warranty problems
  • Equal credit opportunity
  • Bad faith insurance practices

Massachusetts Consumer Protection Law

Massachusetts statute A93 empowers consumers and the attorney general to take legal action against deceptive or unfair practices in the marketplace. The Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act not only enables you to sue for damages, but the defendant may also be liable for attorney fees and other costs of litigation. If the court finds that the unfair business practices were a “willful or knowing” or “bad faith” violation, you may be awarded up to triple the number of damages as a penalty.

How Our Consumer Lawyers Can Help

Although you can file complaints with regulatory agencies if you’ve been a victim of dishonest or negligent practices, hiring a consumer attorney to assist you with the process can help to ensure your rights are protected. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to take civil action against a merchant, seller, or manufacturer. If criminal conduct is involved, prosecutors may also file charges against the offending company, individual, or organization.

These matters are challenging to resolve on your own. General and consumer protection laws have specific, detailed procedures that must be followed when filing a claim. Before you file a lawsuit, a pre-suit demand must be served to the defendant. This demand requires certain standards to be considered sufficient, and companies usually challenge the sufficiency of the demand. There are also deadlines that must be met for your demand or lawsuit to even be considered.

At Connor & Morneau, LLP we are well-versed in consumer protection and civil law. Our consumer attorneys can evaluate your case and determine the most effective course of action to help you find recourse. We guide you through the process, provide straightforward legal counsel you can trust, and act as your staunch advocates.  

Contact A Consumer Attorney To Schedule A Consultation

If you have been a victim of consumer fraud, unfair credit practices, or other consumer protection issues, our experienced team at Connor & Morneau, LLP can help you find the justice you deserve. Our consumer attorneys serve clients in Springfield, MA, Hampden, Worcester, Franklin, and Berkshire counties, and throughout Western New England. Contact us at 413-455-1730 to schedule a consultation with a consumer lawyer.  We look forward to serving your legal needs.

All the while, these companies push the cost and risk of their illegal behavior onto consumers like you so they can increase profits. Often, this all occurs intentionally, and businesses expect that you will be unaware of your rights, won’t have the knowledge, resources, or drive to call them out on their fraudulent tactics and hold them accountable, or won’t be able to find a lawyer to take you case

Connor & Morneau has decades of experience in successfully representing consumers against some of the biggest corporations in the world, We bring that same unwavering drive and commitment to justice on behalf of consumers in every case we pursue – big and small – and we are dedicated to seeing that wrongs are made right for our clients.

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